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Emotionally teaching kids how to make better choices through selfless service

Awakening the Superhero inside - Our Masterclass Program holistically invests to fulfill the individual young persons social-emotional well-being, dreams, education, work-learn experiences and safely transitions them to independent living. 

Through a progressive series of after school and summer activities, we cultivates mindfulness; and bring together the arts and education in a series of uplifting experiences, in a pathway through service to develop kind and caring kids. 

With a focus on kids first learning to love themselves, they more naturally become our next generation Thought & Service Leaders.

Growing next generation Thought & Service Leaders

For the past 10 years, Scott Foundation has impacted the lives of 4,950+ youth through the development of core social emotional and experiential learning with the help of committed volunteers and community support.  Those same youth have made a community impact redirecting nearly $600K in donations back into the community. 

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our ​mission

Scott Foundation provides programs and service FREE of cost to kids in the Arizona foster care system and at-risk youth.

"Along with developing heads, we must also develop hearts.  For it is the heart alone that determines whether the power derived from knowledge will be used for positive means or negative ends."          - ISSE-USA

With a focus on developing inner wealth, we believe in making the world a more peaceful and loving place by emotionally teaching kids to make better choices through selfless service.

Our ​vision