Caring Community Sponsors/Champions believing in Autumn's future...​

  • Anthony Steech 

  • Annemarie Steinhoff

  • Scottsdale Parenting Group

  • Gretchen Jewell, Home Smart

Her Scott Foundation Superhero journey began at 16 and she describes her passion is helping others and sports.  Things that make her the happiest is her sisters, helping people and thinking like I won't ever be like the people who hurt me.  She describes herself as brave, courageous and kind.  Her challenge is trust, very hard to do, and her biggest fear is being left alone, being lonely and empty. 

Her wish for the future is to be a Therapist and Public Speaker for kids in foster care, as well as design clothes for people that can't afford them.

​If she could make one rule that everyone in the world had to obey, it would be - "Everyone would be caring."

When asked how she wants to help the world, Autumn shares, "I want to make it safer, better for us to live in.  I want everyone to know there are people that are out there and care about them."

She has reconnected to find her Soul Bird, Jazzy who reminds her that her gift is “COMPASSION”.  Her journey will lead people to do great things and conquer their obstacles and to guide them to a brighter future.

She describes herself as kind, loving, smart, adventurous, independent and short.  Her passion/dreams are helping others, public speaking, doodling, being there for others, being a leader and to make her mark on the world.

Her future is bright with career interests of being a Thought & Service Leader, Public Speaker, helping others use their voice, being there for others, making her mark on the world and by making Scott Foundation’s worldwide and breaking the cycle of foster care.

Meet Superhero Autumn!

  • Jackie Wszalek

  • Jim & Sherry Packard

  • Shawn & Charlene McNeely

  • Anonymous

  • Albert & Cheryl Terry

  • Carol Wood

  • Jeff Bander

  • Delcy Brockman

  • Diane Legum

  • Debbie Parmely

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