APR 7 - Scott Walski, Remembering Always

APR 12 - Scott Foundation's 11 Year Anniversary

MAY - Foster Care Awareness Month

AUG  11 - Kids & Horses Benefit Concert

NOV 17 - Sir Bark A. Lot's Fashion Paw Tea

DEC 12 - Kids & Horses Raffle Balloon Ball Drop

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Invest for a charitable return.  There is a difference between a hand-out and a hand-up. Turning pain into something positive, the kids participating in the 4-Year Young Adult Masterclass program all have very specific dreams on how they intend to make our world a better than they found it.  

You may not be in a position to adopt a child but most everyone in Arizona is in a position to sponsor or invest in a child's future.  Your sponsorship or tax credit donation is personal and is matched with a child in the program.  

Scott Foundation has big aspirations and a different path for Arizona foster kids and families. 

Superheroes' Wanted!

​“Don’t become preoccupied with a child’s academic ability, but instead teach them to sit with those sitting alone, teach them to be kind, teach them to offer their help, teach them to be a friend to the lonely, teach them to encourage others, teach them to think about other people, teach them to share, teach them to look for the good.  This is how they’ll change the world.”
                                                                             ​- Scott Foundation


Because Scott Foundation is an organization  where the safety and confidentiality of children are top priorities, each volunteer/mentor is required to undergo a routine screening process, which includes providing your Date of Birth and Social Security Number to the AZ Department of Public Safety. 

Keep in mind that it takes time for all of the paperwork to be processed.  The fingerprint clearance can take a few weeks.

To apply, please follow this link to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Fingerprint Clearance Card.


Our Mentorship focuses on helping kids understand they need to look inward for answers.  In today’s chaotic world, many of us find ourselves troubled and confused by worn out belief systems and self-sabotaging patterns. Finding True Self is a 3-Day Retreat that has been mindfully created to peeling away life’s preconceptions and removing the layers of self-doubt that prevent us from discovering the wealth of love and joy within.

At Sedona Mago Retreat, they will guide you through an exploration that will help to unravel the mysteries of existence; uncovering the authentic ‘you’ – the ‘you’ that’s all-powerful, all-loving, and virtually limitless.

Phone: 480.688.9800



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