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Cave Creek/North Scottsdale Area
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APR 7 - Scott Walski, Remembering Always

APR 12 - Scott Foundation's 11 Year Anniversary

MAY - Foster Care Awareness Month

AUG  11 - Kids & Horses Benefit Concert

NOV 17 - Sir Bark A. Lot's Fashion Paw Tea

DEC 12 - Kids & Horses Raffle Balloon Ball Drop

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We know the significance of Self-Love and that there are two selves in all of us. The lower self is concerned about oneself (ego) and the higher self is focused on serving others. We operate as the higher self and are filled with a great sense of well being, integrity, and dedication to our mission and vision.

We know peace and happiness are within and not in the things of the world. If we are to make the world more peaceful, we need to first be at peace. We remain unruffled and focused on our mission in the face of challenges.

We know that love is the force that binds us all together and motivates us to serve others. We are filled with great compassion for all and a passion for achieving our vision.

We see the underlying unity behind the superficial distinctions of ability, color, creed, class, and gender and know we are all one. This allows us to work as a close-knit team that collaborates with others to serve all.

Selfless Service
We know that selfless service is a source of great joy and lasting happiness and therefore a wonderful instrument for making the world a more peaceful and loving place. We see selfless service as our sacred duty and serve without expectation of any reward.

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