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Finding True Self
​Takes young people on a journey within through a Summer series of workshops at Sedona Mago Retreat.  In today’s chaotic world, many of us find ourselves troubled and confused by worn out belief systems and self-sabotaging patterns. Finding True Self is all about peeling away life’s preconceptions and removing the layers of self-doubt that prevent us from discovering the wealth of love and joy within.

This 3-Day Sedona Mago Retreat, will guide kids through an exploration that will help to unravel the mysteries of existence. The Finding True Self retreat has been mindfully created to provide kids with a spiritual gateway to uncovering the authentic ‘self’ – the ‘self’ that’s all-powerful, all-loving, and virtually limitless.

Stress To Strength
Discover The Secrets to Mental, Physical, and Emotional Stress Relief.  Heal Yourself and Create the Happy, Healthy Life You’re Supposed to Live!

The 3-Day From Stress to Strength, kids release the excessive stress that’s makes them sick and tired and move them into a life of strength and power that will linger long after they’ve returned home.

Their participation, guided by a teacher with nearly two decades of experience, will allow them to build the tools they need to avoid being overwhelmed by modern life and to remain calm and strong no matter what life throws at them.

Earth Citizen Leadership
We all need a sustainable world. It is the very foundation of our existence, and is inseparably connected to other core values of human life including: health, happiness and peace. For the transition to a sustainable world to take place, changes need to be made urgently on all levels, including individuals and communities.

This 5-Day Sedona Mago Retreat focuses on Earth Citizen Leadership. What is most imperative in facilitating this shift is leaders who have the vision and passion to inspire others to engage and command the knowledge and skills to help others create change.

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