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Scott Foundation takes its commitment to the kids and community seriously. Too many youth are exposed to violence, poverty and crime, which in most cases leads to them repeating the cycle.

Our goal is to nurture a child’s compassionate heart with moral education, lessons in peace-building and selfless service through a program that provides direct experience of the inner values of self-awareness, peace, love, unity and selfless service. 

Offering inner experiences with the creative arts whereby children become motivated to help others through selfless service.  With the foundation of mindfulness, children learn to love themselves and build empathy and compassion through this program’s nurturing of their inherent goodness.

Our desired outcome breaks the cycle of poverty and violence and mindfully develops the heart and purposeful career path of foster kids.  Finding true self, they become successful community-minded, "whole-people" with significantly decreased addictive and violent behaviors.  This helps prevent the future need for more costly social and criminal justice services.  These developing Selfless Superheroes lead the charge, stepping forward and ready to bring about social change; they are our next generation Thought & Service Leaders.

For the past 11 years, Scott Foundation has impacted the lives of 5,200+ youth through the development of core social emotional learning and life skills with the help of committed volunteers and community support.  Those same youth have have made a community impact re-directing nearly $650K in donations back into the community.

The Results We Seek



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Scott Foundation - The Impact

APR 7 - Scott Walski, Remembering Always

APR 12 - Scott Foundation's 11 Year Anniversary

MAY - Foster Care Awareness Month

AUG  11 - Kids & Horses Benefit Concert

NOV 17 - Sir Bark A. Lot's Fashion Paw Tea

DEC 12 - Kids & Horses Raffle Balloon Ball Drop

​​​​- Improved academic performance and school attendance leading to increased graduation rates
- Improved attitudes and social behavior, decreasing neighborhood crime and reducing societal costs of future adult crimes.
- Reduced problem behaviors and likelihood of future juvenile crime
- Improved health outcomes, including reductions in teen pregnancy, reduced/delayed use of alcohol and illicit drugs
- Reduced emotional distress and the need for more costly social services and counseling
- Improved attitudes about self and others; fostering social and relationship skills, including positive peer groups and trust in a caring adult
- Increased collaborative problem solving, developing goal-oriented and decision making skills
- Increased participation in program activities and recognized youth involved in mentoring selfless service
- Increased volunteer hours and direction of community outreach donations
- Improved parenting skills, stopping the cycle of drugs and violence in the home and building healthy families for our future

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