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APR 12 - Scott Foundation's 11 Year Anniversary

MAY - Foster Care Awareness Month

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The population focus group we serve are Arizona foster youth ages 14-17 and young adults ages 18-25, as they are considered to be within the Arizona Department Child Safety and Healthcare transition period.

The Arizona Department of Child Safety reports the opportunity of 4,000+ presently of age for our Young Adult Masterclass program, and an ever increasing population of young adults.

Since 2007, Scott Foundation has impacted the lives of 4,950+ youth through the development of core social emotional learning and life skills with the help of committed volunteers and community support.  Those same youth have directed nearly $600K in In-Kind donations back into the community. 

Through the Young Adult Masterclass, Scott Foundation continues to respond to the needs of children in the Arizona foster care system.

Overwhelming Arizona Foster Care Facts:
- There are over 20,000 children and youth in Arizona's foster care system

- The cost for only the most pressing social services per child, per year is nearly $500,000
- Ages range from 2 days old to age 18
- Over 5,000 live in out of home care
- Only 1 of 10 foster kids in Arizona has a court appointed special advocate volunteer
- Many of the children enter with few or non personal items...  including hygiene products
- Children are forced to share with other youth in the home or wait until personal hygiene items can be

- At age 18, receive a black trash bag, take their belongings, and are out the door
- 80% become homeless or imprisoned within a year
- Last year over 700 foster youth aged out

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